Let’s get Reeling!

Let’s get Reeling!

Attention! Attention! Attention! Concentrate here! And stop looking at your phone. Okay? Did you see how I basically had to yell through the screen to grab your attention? Yes! It’s that hard! Did you know the average attention span of humans is just 8 seconds whereas it’s actually supposed to be around 15-20 minutes for an average teenager or a young adult. So in a growing era of the Digital world and decreasing attention span, short-form content is indeed a blessing in disguise. From Dubsmash, Musically, TikTok to finally Instagram Reels!

Launched a decade ago in 2010, Instagram is the most prominent app among people of all ages. Increasing your Brand visibility is way more effective on Instagram than anywhere else. Instagram Reels was released in the month of August and has very easily replaced the ever-controversial app, TikTok in no time. So the next time you sit down to plan your Content Strategy make sure Reels are on the list. Using Social media for brand awareness is way more affordable and effective than any traditional media strategy. Now, let’s see how you can boost your brand awareness with Instagram Reels!

The first thing to keep in mind while creating content on reels is KISS aka Keep it Short and Simple. Other than that, consistency, engagement, relatability and value-adding content are the key factors of reels. You do not have to bombard your audience with sophisticated words, clever information or for overt advertising. Keep it simple, genuine and fun!

Here are some Content ideas you can create on Reels:

- Walk the Talk, Talk the walk!

Talk about your Brand, If you’re looking at Personal Branding, talk about your journey. The first step of achieving brand recognition is introducing your brand to your audience in the simplest and most genuine way possible.

- BTS!
Show your audience what goes behind your brand, employee diaries, the insider information, sneak peeks, testimonials etc. After all, the key to customer retention is building a community.

- DIY!
Do it yourself and show the same to your audience! Simple hacks, tips and tricks of what's' and how’s of your products.

- Trend your way!
Keep an eye on what’s buzzing around and recreate a trend your way. Participating in trends is the most effective way to gain brand visibility.

- Don’t sneeze,tease!
Post teasers of your upcoming product launch, collection or an upcoming video. Build curiosity and brand awareness among your audience.

- Inform, Impress, Influence!
Increase brand awareness on Social media with Instagram influencer marketing. A little credibility goes a long way. Make most of your influencer strategy.

It’s no news that Instagram has been pushing the Reels feature massively, there’s a whole new tab that is solely dedicated to Reels and although it might look overwhelming, do not stop yourself from using it rather be consistent in posting. Start by posting at least one reel per day. Remember, the more you post, the more you will show up on the feed and people will remember you and your content! Although Reels go viral every day there is no formula to go about it, consistency is the key!

Few more things to keep in mind while posting a Reel,
- Add relevant Hashtags.
- The first 3 seconds of your Reel is the break or make moments, make most of it.
- Add an attractive and captivating thumbnail.
- Do not forget to add the location tag on your reel.

In conclusion, Video content marketing is an effective tool of Social media marketing strategy and going by the attention span of people, short-form video content is here to stay and Instagram Reels is your best shot at gaining that much-needed brand awareness. What are you waiting for? Let’s get Reeling!

Author : VhonkDigital

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