Go Digital with SEO

Go Digital with SEO

So now that you have decided to start your brand, got the paperwork in place, have your resources ready, set up shop; what next?

Door to door advertisement, Radio announcements, TV commercials, Newspaper ads, Word of mouth publicity - we relied on the traditional forms of marketing to increase brand visibility until the internet happened! Suddenly it became easier to tap into these sects of people you couldn't have reached out to before. All across the world, brands adopted various digital marketing strategies to boost brand awareness; either through SEOs, Influencers on Instagram and Facebook and various other Digital Marketing Strategies.

It is widely accepted that India is one of the largest user bases of Social Media globally and that Indians download more Social Media Apps than any other, with over 195% growth rate year by year. An average Indian Social Media user spends over 17 hours on these platforms each week, thus creating a follower base of over 290 million on Facebook alone as of July 2020. Reaching out to these 290 million would be quite literally - stirring the Hornet's nest, but is this just about Social Media? No, most of these users are also use Search Engines like Google & Yahoo and so now how does one go about tapping into this extensive resource?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of course! There are SO MANY factors that go into optimizing your brand's content to cater to a larger audience. So, let's #Breakitdown to give you a better understanding.

When you go digital, it means that you have fully understood how your audience use technology to access what they need, at the right time. This is when you put your product across strategically, to catch their attention. When one types a query on a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo, the crawler goes out and collects content they can find all across the internet, building an index of information that matches your query. Now that is the Search Engine (SE) part of the SEO. Optimization (O) is when you put a sort of beacon (through content) on the specific brand or product that allows search engines to pick up on, allowing you to be on the list of available products the customer is looking for. Optimization takes many forms from making sure the title tags and meta description is informative and linked to direct the user to the pages you want them to see. This gives your brand the visibility and recognition it deserves; allowing you to gain Qualitative and Quantitative traffic through Organic Results. Qualitative traffic is when your product information reaches the customers who are genuinely interested in buying it, while Quantitative traffic is the increase of above said, genuine customers who come through from the list of related links on the search engine result page (SERPs). To make this simple, picture yourself ordering food on an app. You don't know what you feel like eating yet so you browse various cuisines ranging from Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental etc. Once you go over the menu, you finalize on Chicken Alfredo pasta. When you type this in your search, you get a list of restaurants that serve your dish,this is similar to what SEO does, but on a much larger scale. Your content on your website plays a HUGE part in allowing the search engine to pull your brand/product to "the list" depending on whether it fits the description of the query.

Most of the work done here is by the content in terms of keywords. Similar to the world's markets, information too is affected by supply and demand. Content is classified as good when it does the best job of supplying the largest demand. Now content here can be anything from a video, an image, a meme or even just text; text when filled by keywords fares well in searches. Taking a case as an example, the "Share a Coke" campaign began in Australia in 2011, when Coca-Cola personalized each bottle with the 150 most popular names in the country, followed by the U.S. It was a breaking story across the marketing and advertising industry with Coca-Cola gaining immense attention!

Creative and innovative content that supplies to the demand has a lasting impact on the growth of the brand. When you have good content, it now has to be linkable. If your customers can’t link to it, search engines will not be able to rank it on the list on the SERPs, and as a result, the content won’t drive traffic to your website.

Even the simplest SEO can turn into an effective process that generates success in the bigger picture. Even if you don't have an experienced in-house SEO associate, you can still make a few positive changes that will help you improve your SEO. With a little knowledge under your belt, you can be on your way to improving your brand’s search engine ranking in no time and gain all the traction you need!

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