Brand It Like It's Hot

Brand It Like It's Hot

There is no time like the present for a brand to go digital and build their brand awareness. With the World’s increasing dependency on all things tech and digital based, 90% of traction is being brought in by the way a brand utilizes their digital presence. Surviving without an online presence has today become a challenge of its own as it fails to attract the right audiences and maintain engagement to build more customership.

How did it all start? Until the advent of Netscape (the first web browser) in 1994, the World Wide Web (www) did not encompass the masses, although it was introduced in 1991. Search engines like Yahoo! and Google came into play only post that in the years 1994 and 1997 respectively. An exponential growth in use of the internet has been seen only over the last two to three decades with the number of users crossing over 170 billion across the globe!

Much like the history of the Internet, digital marketing first got its name in the 1990s. It was brought into play with the use of the internet for sending emails which also included file sharing to anyone, anywhere. From emails to instant everything, this field has crossed leaps and bounds to where it stands today - as one of the smartest, most effective forms of marketing equipped with newer digital marketing strategies & content strategies.

So... What is Brand Awareness? (Finally!) It’s the age-old proven theory of how the greaternumber of people know your brand or what you sell, the more the brand sells. Brand Awareness is defined by the visibility of the brand and is also determined by the end customer’s recognition of not just the Brand, but also its products or services despite all the competition in the market based on the strategy of the brand.

Brand Awareness + Digital Marketing

The whole knack of the game is to attract the right customer using social media channels. According to sources, there are close to 3.81 billion users on social media today. These users are divided into groups based on various demographics, such as age, location, gender, etc., which facilitate the process of narrowing down the end users to a more specific group.

Ways to boost Brand Awareness using Digital Marketing

Here are some insights on how a brand can build and/or maintain brand awareness across different streams.

1. Quirky creatives / visuals - A key factor to why so many of us spend countless hours on social media is the visual appeal it carries. It is important to be able to capture the attention of the audience in a split second and nice visual content does exactly that.

2. Quality content - “Content is King” and you better believe it. Serve your audiences what they deserve. This is the step where ‘keywords’ play a huge role. Applying these helps to target the chosen audience, grab attention and clicks from prospective leads and more. Keep them glued to their screen using intelligent word plays and more. So, make sure to write ‘share’ worthy content!

3. Relevance test - Make sure to write and create content relevant to today’s age & time or relevant to the topic spoken of. Constantly play the relatability card and check to see how relevant the content is today and how much longer it will be relevant for every time a new strategy or post is being developed.

4. Power of Influencers - a new age development that has escalated over the last couple of years, influencers hold a special power when it comes to shedding light on products and/or services. Once they have swung their wands, the swarm of customers start gathering almost instantly.

5. Hashtags, #, #tags! - Use the hashtags without ever second guessing yourself as to if there are too many? There’s no such thing as too many hashtags. So, go ahead and use them as #freely as one would like.

social media marketing

6. Blogs - Tell the story, write that article that will help so many more after one read, blogs are a free, non-judgmental world for free writing. Allow followers to also write and share those. If a Brand doesn’t have a blog yet, it is time!

7. Be Consistent – Over & above all of these points is to stay consistent. Consistency holds the key to a gradual increase in viewers which also builds loyalty amongst them.

The essence of brand awareness via digital marketing is to be unique, yet true to the purpose and meaning of the brand. Go ahead and narrate the story, introduce the digital World to the workforce behind the brand and do not shy away from trying new strategies. Set the tone and watch the magic unfold, like the way Nike just had to do it.

The above are just a few of the many, many ways a brand can build their awareness on digital channels. Putting all of those into action with a well-planned strategy and consistency in following plans with replies and interactions to the end users should place a brand right at the top!

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